ShuRoo Sponsors V8 Team

“I grew up in Mildura, and ShuRoo is very common around the country roads. I never thought I’d need to put one on my race car, but we might consider it at Bathurst next year!"
Todd Kelly, #7 Jack Daniels Racing Nissan Altima

Wildlife Collision Prevention

Unlike a bullbar which assumes you will hit a kangaroo, Shuroo works to prevent a collision.

It protects the front and the side of the vehicle. (Side impacts account for many collisions).

Kangaroo hits are usually fatal for the animal and cause significant damage and downtime to your vehicle.

But the most dangerous issue is swerving when a roo jumps in to your path. This is often with only a split second notice. And the immediate reaction of many drivers is to swerve.

Shuroo helps prevent the roo acting this way by alerting it to your approach up to 400 metres ahead of time. This gives you and the roo plenty of reaction time.

You will see some roos hopping away from you, and some will just stand and watch you go past.

Save your family, save your vehicle and save our coat of arms!

The Shuroo unit weighs 1.5 kilograms. It is (330) mm wide, (50) mm high and (60) mm deep. It is as simple to fit as you would some driving lights or your local auto electrician can fit it for you.


Developed in Australia over the last 20 years.

Don’t leave town without one!



    Free delivery in Australia. Shipped by Express Post within 1 business day.

How to buy

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For information please phone 1800 671 759

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